Meet Diane of Little Ditty Signs

Tell me about yourself:
I’m a twin mama living in lakes country. I like to stay busy so you can see me chasing after my toddlers, doing yoga or working at one of my three jobs.
Diane Lanoue of Little Ditty Signs holding a snarky handmade sign.
What did your business look like when you first started?
I started my business on a whim after quitting my 8-5 job and becoming a stay at home mom to twins. I felt my creativity needed that spark again so I opened up my business and took any custom order I could get until I found my niche.
Handmade snarky magnets by Little Ditty Signs of Detroit Lakes, MN
Tell us about what you make now and why you love making it:
Most people know me for my little snarky signs & magnets. I love sharing the gift of laughter through my signs. Best part is the laughter, it’s good for the soul.
Readers gonna read sign by Little Ditty Signs.
At what point did you decide your “hobby” had the potential to be a business? I had my ah-ha moment after a busy holiday season and realized that my hobby wasn’t a hobby anymore. I was getting consistent orders and people were remembering me as the lady with those funny signs and coming to find me at the events I was at. It was a real eye opener that I wasn’t just this “little” ditty anymore.
Snarky sign craft show display by Little Ditty Signs.
How did you come up with the name of your business?
My husband and I were high school sweethearts and we quickly became the Jack & Diane (John Mellencamp song), we of course changed the lyrics to a little ditty ‘bout Jake & Diane...I always loved it and this business is just another part of our Little Ditty.
Snarky parenting sign by Little Ditty Signs of Detroit Lakes, MN.
Who is someone you follow on Instagram that inspires you and why?
So many people! I love my maker community and love seeing their businesses blossom! 521handmade (of course), Crafty Ninja, Twisted Walnut, See Lang Designs, Wood Lap Designs, Beautiful Junque, Unglued, Sugar & Twine....the list goes on and on and on.
What has been a highlight since beginning your business?
Recently I was featured in Fargo Monthly magazine and it was just a surreal moment that I’m not just this little mama trying to get some me time in. I’m now a mama chasing toddlers and running a growing business. So crazy!
Goal digger sign by Little Ditty Signs of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
What advice do you have to share with someone who may want to start a handmade business?
Just go for it. In Christy Wrights words, “Do it Scared”. If you would have saw me when I first announced my business to the universe, I was a crying hot mess. The support was unreal!
Workspace of Little Ditty Signs, snarky handmade signs by Diane Lanoue
How can people purchase from you/connect with you?
I’m on all the social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook) at @littledittysigns.
You can also find me on Etsy and on my new website!

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