2017 Top Gifts from 521handmade

Melissa Steedsman

We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of your gift giving experience!! The heart of our business revolves around creating products that we love, personally use, & want to share with our loved ones. It's so fun to hear about how much your friends or family loved the unique gift they received. We totally get that gift-giving can sometimes be tricky, so we thought we'd share our top sellers with you to help you decide. My list looks similar to this :D 

➳  Gift Number One.... DRUZY EARRINGS

I am OBSESSED with druzy earrings.  They literally go with everything.  I actually wore a rose gold pair with my wedding dress.....and I wear that same pair with a graphic tee & jeans in my everyday life. I feel fancy & pulled together without even trying. I've tried to keep the price of them super affordable ($18 a pair), as SO MANY people love to gift these to special ladies in their life. 

Here is who these earrings could work for:

➳ your daughter's teacher, who always encourages her to do her best.

➳ your mom, who always puts other people first.

➳ your sister, who you would be lost without.

➳ your besties, who could use a fun little surprise. 

➳ yourself, because if you Christmas shop like me, you will tell yourself that you "deserve" a pair! 

Our tip for choosing a color: 60% of our druzy sales are... ROSE GOLD. Unless someone has proclaimed "Oh I hate rose gold," chances are she will be into them. Silver & black are always safe options and navy blue & blush pink have been super trendy this season. 


I hear people say that we have a lot of options & it's hard to choose a quote for someone else. I feel ya. Our last name pillows have been a staple item for our business since we started in 2014.  We love that they are a modern way to honor a family name.  They add a feeling of coziness & love, just by sitting on the couch.  Name pillows are a great gift for newlyweds, families, or new home owners! 

Maybe the person you are shopping for is more into 'farmhouse chic' or a rustic style look. We also offer the last name pillow with a sturdy rustic canvas fabric & a serif font. Both of these pillows can also be made without a date if you prefer that. 

This family pillow is a new design that we are obsessed with.  How cute would this be during a family photoshoot nestled on the couch?! 

Maybe your family welcomed a new baby this year? New mamas love these sweet pillows and we love seeing photos of sweet babies hanging out next to their pillows during milestone photos. 


Happy Shopping!! :)








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