521workshops: DIY Pillow Printing!

Melissa Steedsman

One day, I decided that teaching others how to successfully DIY was important to me for a number of reasons. Pinterest fails? Yep. They've happened to me more than once. 

Here's the thing: when you create something yourself, you get a little spark of joy EVERY single time you look at that item. You feel a sense of accomplishment.  You are proud of that little thing that you created with your hands. And I believe that everyone should be able to feel that, even if you don't consider yourself 'crafty.'

I do a lot of custom orders for clients with personalized quotes on their pillows.  We want our homes to 'feel' like us.  Quote pillows do exactly that without looking cheesy or generic.  I love creating memorable gifts for others that have an inside joke within a saying or a special quote that someone's grandma used to say. Hearing the stories behind each quote is such a good reminder that what we are creating is so much more than just a 'throw pillow.'

We thought about how meaningful this all is and wanted to give you the opportunity to create these throw pillows yourself (to keep or to gift) and have it be an experience that you can share with your friends!

We all need time time to connect with our friends (with no kids, pets, husbands, & other things needing our attention) and I love sharing my creative studio space! We provide an inspiring workspace to hang out & catch up on each other's lives in, genuine low-key instruction (no fails here!) all supplies necessary for the project, AND we like to eat cupcakes for dinner; sounds like the perfect girls' night right? 

You will learn how to print your own 16x16 throw pillow with a quote of your choice. (Which makes this item even more special because YOU made it!) We use freezer paper to create our quote stencils, so you will learn how to use this method to create other products in your crafty future! We recommend groups of 6-12 people during private parties, but can accommodate more as well.  Ticket price is $47 per person & we include NA beverages & a sweet treat. We also have an adorable pink couch that is perfect for group photos! 

Do you have more questions? Check out our FAQs here.  Want to get started? Send a message to to chat about potential dates + more info! Can't wait to get crafty with you!

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