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Melissa Steedsman

You guys hear me rave about my studio all the time on Instagram. It's clearly my happy place. I wanted to share with you more about WHY I have a studio & WHAT we are using it for! 
(The famous pink couch looking pretty!)
A few years ago, my husband and I bought an 800 sq. foot house. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it & soon realized that my creative business had grown beyond the tiny bedroom I was sewing every night in.
I was given an opportunity to rent at an Arts Incubator in downtown Fargo & dove headfirst into remodeling an old office space into a cute workspace. This studio was about 3 times bigger than the bedroom I was working in before.
I absolutely loved the community atmosphere & having a space to get "work" done in without feeling the need to keep working longer every single night at home.
Workshops had been a part of my business for a few months & I was thrilled to have a space to host them in!! I had been hosting "traveling workshops" before my studio space & would bring all the supplies needed to make quote pillows to your home & get crafty with you and your ladies!! 
Here is where I ran into a problem though. As you can see above, when I had a lot of orders, the space got small REAL FAST! When I would host a workshop, I would literally have to move everything out into the hallway or stacked in a messy corner inside the studio and it would take FOR-EV-ER to get everything organized & back to where it should be afterwards. 
I was stressing out about this quite a bit & a friend of mine mentioned a warehouse that she was moving out of could be perfect for my business. It was like FOUR TIMES the size of my downtown studio & close to my home.
You totally see my vision right? I have to say that not a lot of people did. :D 
I got to work painting right away. Repainted the entire floor bright white and then realized that there is NO WAY I planned on keeping that clean. So I bought a hexagon stencil and 8 hours of painting later, the floor was exactly how I wanted it. Perfectly imperfect. 
I also took another 3 hours & stenciled the office/sewing room floor with this amazing Spanish inspired tile + totally repainted the bathroom. Paint changes everything, friends. 
You maybe saw this on Instagram, but I painted part of my office wall and ran out of paint. (of course) I thought I'd get it done the next weekend, but orders kept coming in, so I had a random half painted wall for about a month until I made some time to get it done.  Now this pink wall makes me smile every time I see it. 
I redid this bathroom for super cheap. Scored my bathroom mirror for $14 at a vintage store! The vases came from the Target dollar spot like 5 years ago :) And the rug was from Home Goods for like $15. They seriously have the best rug selection!! 
I love not CONSTANTLY having to move everything around!! Hallelujah! I have a separate office that I use for sewing/creating. A cozy area with the pink couch for photos & relaxing. And a dedicated spot for getting together with friends and doing a workshop!
You definitely feel creative while painting pillows on a rose gold sparkly table cloth under string lights! I love hosting private workshops with you & your friends.  
Yes, I have this space so that I can work on my products, but I also have it because I LOVE getting together with people, making new friends, & knowing that you will leave my studio feeling creative.  
Every time you look at the cute pillow you made, you will feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you created it with your own hands. Seriously awesome. 
Join us for an upcoming workshop or message me to book a private workshop with your gals! I would love to have you guys! We typically host on Thursday or Friday nights from 6:30pm-8pm or 7pm-8:30pm.
Thanks for reading friends!! Looking forward to seeing you at a workshop or at an upcoming craft show.

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