Happy Fall!

Melissa Steedsman

Did anyone else blink and realized it's basically October?! I sure did.  September was filled with craft shows + 521workshops at my studio. But now, leaves are changing and it's finally time to make your home feel extra cozy for fall!! 

I'll admit, I am SUPER obsessed with small details in my home, but I also am seriously a minimalist when it comes to design.  I love clean lines, zero clutter, storage that is functional (and pretty) & I don't like to decorate for the seasons. Yep. I said it. You won't find me pulling totes out of storage filled with 'decorations.'  But props to you if you enjoy doing that; that's one thing I absolutely love about home design.  EVERYTHING in your space should speak to you, bring you joy, and create a feeling of peace within your walls. 

Here are a few EASY tips to get your home feeling cozy this season. And by easy, I mean PILLOWS AND BLANKETS, FRIENDS!! 

1. Add a cozy blanket or two.  Seriously. A soft cozy blanket. I add them to our bedroom & living room as soon as I feel a smidge of cold. And if they aren't feeling soft and cozy anymore... donate them, head to Target, and treat yo' self to a new one. 

2. Add a quote pillow. I promise, it's the first thing your guests will notice when they walk into your home. Pillows that resonate with our feelings are a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere without even trying.  Our top picks this season are "let's cuddle" and "baby it's cold outside." The great thing about either of these pillows is you don't have to put them away when the season is over. If your decorating style is similar to me, it makes things so simple.

3. Shop for these other types of pillows. Any that are deep fall colors, plaid, velvet, or a chunky sweater material are all good options! Playing with texture is inexpensive way to bring a new feeling into your home. My favorite spots to shop for accent pillows? Homegoods and TJ Maxx. You can usually snag a good deal if you shop during the week!

NOW go grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte & dig out the cozy scarves that are buried in the bottom of your closet. :) 




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