Our Story

Hi friend! I'm Melissa, owner + maker at 521handmade.
Most days, you can find me in a baseball hat & workout clothes chasing my creative business dreams while also chasing my busy kids around. I'm a mama to my sweet toddler Milo + new baby Jack. All of this typically means I’m listening to Blippi on full blast while chatting with you about pillows & doing 15 other things at once.
You also might find me at the gym trying to be healthy -- but I will never pass up a chance to eat burgers + fries with my husband Colton. If it’s after 8pm, I’m usually binge watching a show on Netflix or trying to fall asleep as fast as I can.
People often refer to me as “The Pillow Lady.” It’s a title that makes my heart happy and also always makes me laugh out loud. You have no idea how many random conversations with people have turned into “Oh yeah, you’re the pillow lady; I know who you are.”
I am somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to home design and firmly believe that you should only fill your home with things that personally bring you joy. I’ve created a line of throw pillows for people who are interested in modern home décor, but who also want meaningful, speak to your heart pieces.

When I’m not busy working on 521handmade, you can catch me chasing my baby around or snuggled up on my favorite spot on the couch reading a crime novel.

If you are dying to hear more, here are some things you might not know about me.
➳ The name 521handmade came from... my birthday! I wanted something that would never change, so feel free to send me presents on May 21st.
➳ I grew up in a farmhouse in the country and was raised by a single mom who taught me how to be independent and to always be yourself… but most importantly to eat my dessert first “because it’s the best part of your meal anyway."
➳ I am obsessed with kitties and my husband is really allergic, so there goes my plans to be a cat lady.
➳ I'm a firm believer in girl power & supporting others. We should be friends.
➳ And yes, my eyelashes are real.

Still here? Let’s connect! Email me at Melissa@521handmade.com with any questions!